Newington Waterfall Festival Chalk Walk
About Newington Waterfall Festival
The Newington Waterfall Festival came to be in 2000 with the idea to bring cultural enrichment to the Newington residents and bring awareness to the local merchants located in the center.

The event has grown from 20 vendors to over 72 and continues to grow each year as the festival is becoming more popular with residents from the surrounding communities. Everyone looks forward to coming to this festival as it's the last hurrah for the summer.

It is a great opportunity for Newington residents to come together as a community and enjoy the festivities.

In the beginning, the committee threw around a few titles that would best depict Newington; pipestaves or waterfall. Back in the early 1800's, Newington was known for making pipestaves (it's the metal wrap that goes around a whiskey barrel). After much discussion they voted to name the festival after our waterfall located in Mill Pond... the rest is history.
About Newington Waterfall Festival
Located in Hartford County, Connecticut, Newington is a 13 square-mile town with a small population of just over 29,000 residents. Though the town is often overlooked by tourists to the state, Newington is nonetheless a beautiful forested city characterized by its natural greenery and ponds.

Newington is perhaps best known for Mill Pond Falls, the United States’ smallest waterfall. The town has based many of its local celebrations around its famous waterfall including its most popular festival to date, the Newington Waterfall Festival.
About Newington Waterfall Festival
The Newington Waterfall Committee decided to plant a “Thankful Tree” at the festival, giving the area residents an opportunity to write on a tag what they were thankful for. The tree, a Crimson Maple, was planted on April 17th, 2010 near the waterfall at Mill Pond.
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