About Newington Waterfall Festival

Decide what you are going to paint long before the event day and prepare for the event

You may want to grid your image and then make a grid on the pavement to maintain proportions. A dowel with chalk taped to it may be useful to draw your image from a standing position

If working from a photo or image, enlarge sections, copy and laminate them. You can use these laminated cards as stepping-stones to get to places on your drawing. They also work for scooping up pastels to relocate them

Wear weather appropriate clothing and plenty of sunscreen. A hat with a wide brim will protect your eyes and make it easier to see your work.

Knees pads or gardening cushions  are very helpful.

A base coat of diluted water based tempera paint can be used to fill in the black top before applying chalk

Avoid using a base color of black or white unless that area will remain black or white

If you spray the layers of chalk with fixative as you apply them, colors won’t mix so much

As you build up layers, blend the chalk less and less

Cover your fingers with latex tips or use an old chalkboard eraser, make-up applicator, or Styrofoam packing chips for blending chalk to protect your fingers

Do not blow excess chalk dust, you don’t want to breathe it

Bring thick baby wipes or a wet towel to keep your hands clean and avoid transferring color from your hand to the next pastel

Pay attention to your location so you don’t finish an area you have to sit on later

To protect yourself and your work bring a smooth hard surface to sit on like cardboard or hard plastic or even a thin wooden board that won’t smudge the chalk so much when moved

Masking tape is handy for making straight lines

Try to contain your belongings in as small of an area as possible - keep walkways clear.

Don’t keep open water or beverages near your work. You don’t want chalk dust in them and you don’t want them to spill on your (or anyone’s) work

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