Newington Waterfall Festival Chalk Walk

Newington Waterfall Festival Chalk Walk
The day's highlight features the creation and judging of the "Artist's Chalk Walk." Watch as Market Square's pavement magically transforms into a colorful art gallery by artists young and old. Sample the flavors from the many food vendors on hand, visit the Farmers Market or tag the Thankful Tree with what you're most thankful for. Dance to live music.

2015 Winners

Children Honerable Mention - Colleen Whitman
Children 1st Prize - Elizabth Doll
Children 2nd Prize - Jade Brancifort
Children 3rd Prize - Katherine Bohlke
Children People's Choice - Elizabeth Doll

Juniors Honerable Mention - Carissa Tate
Juniors 1st Prize - Meaghan Padykula
Juniors 2nd Prize - Caitlin Devanney
Juniors 3rd Prize - Kristina Ramasroop
Juniors People's Choice - Meaghan Padykula

Adult 1st Prize - Victoria Lynn Bell
Adult 2nd Prize - Gabrielle Brodeur
Adult 3rd Prize - Patti Golka
Adult People's Choice - Gabrielle Brodeur

2014 Winners

Honorable Mention Jr. Sq 16 - Marrium Shahid
Honorable Mention Jr. Sq 2 - Kyle Tinker-Palaia
Junior 3rd, Sq. 8 - Kristina Ramsaroop
Junior 2nd Sq, 4- Joseph Bohlke
Junior 1st, Sq. 10 -Terra Pinto Adult Honorable Mention, Sq 1 - Sarah Jessen
Adult 3rd - Sq. 9 - Rebekah Church
Adult 2nd - Sq. 13 - Daniel Nafis
Adult 1st, Sq, 3 - Tori-Lynn Bell
People’s Choice , Sq 13 - Daniel Nafis

2013 Winners

Children (under age 8)
Children Honorable Mentions:
Carissa Tate Square J
Carissa Toth Square L
Melsa Jebbu Square K
Juniors (ages 8-14)
Junior Honorable Mention Alexander Traquilli Square #14
Junior 3rd Place Gabrielle Brodeur Square #2
Junior 2nd Place Marrium Shahid Square #6
Junior 1st Place Kristina Ramsaroop Square # 18
Adult (age 15 and over)
Adult 3rd Place Tori Lynn Bell Square # 7
Adult 2nd Place Daniel Nafis Square # 5
Adult 1st Place Nicole Flaig Square #1

People's Choice: Gabrielle Brodeur Square # 2

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